Irvine is a land of contrasts.

Under its combed lawns, Irvine holds down a mad carnival of Bosch, Max Ernst, Seraphinianus. Pressure makes it leak.

The teeth of Geraldo.

CELEBRITY TEETH! From a waiting room at a large dental laboratory. They have a showcase of these. Many.


this path does not workThis phenomenon is all too common in Irvine. Why? Why is there a careful path to nothing? WHY, IRVINE?



where is that dynamo coming from? ?

This is mesmerizing:

Grafik Dynamo is a net art work by Kate Armstrong & Michael Tippett that loads live images from blogs and news sources on the web into a live action comic strip. The work is currently using a feed from LiveJournal. The images are accompanied by narrative fragments that are dynamically loaded into speech and thought bubbles and randomly displayed. Animating the comic strip using dynamic web content opens up the genre in a new way: Together, the images and narrative serve to create a strange, dislocated notion of sense and expectation in the reader, as they are sometimes at odds with each other, sometimes perfectly in sync, and always moving and changing. The work takes an experimental approach to open ended narrative, positing a new hybrid between the flow of data animating the work and the formal perameter that comprises its structure.

discount therapy joints where you put a door buzzer in because of its striped appearance

brianenigma posted some geek-intensive instructions on how to make a Markoff chain of your entire LJ. I did it, and found it a bit of a pain especially since I also had to wash the text of non-ASCII weirdness and control characters. The result was worth it, though. I think it’s my finest writing ever, but it’s long so I used a cut.

Pat Sajak narration of ‘Casey at the Savage Republic/Mike Watt/Urinals/Human Hands show

Rakata bay bay, rakata bay BEE.

One of my favorite albums ever is Morgan Fisher’s Miniatures. In 1980, he asked people for one minute long audio pieces, and compiled them.

The cast includes Pete Seeger, Andy Partridge, Ralph Steadman, Half Japanese, the Residents, and Neil Innes and his kid singing “Cum On Feel the Noyze”. Steadman sings a John Donne poem outside in the rain while playing some kind of dilapidated pump organ. It’s one of the few records I can without hyperbole call unique.

My favorite track is from jazzman and bon vivant George Melly, who performs a Kurt Schwitters dada poem. He claims that reciting this poem to some muggers once saved his life. It’s not hard to hear why:

George Melly – Sounds That Saved My Life (mp3, 1.2M, 58 seconds).

It was a pain to get this. The CD version of the record has the tracks grouped five or six per CD track, and I had to use Amadeus II to perform some rough ‘n’ ready sound surgery and then reencode it. Good thing it’s just Yelled Vocal Quality.