the “Nice Guy” thing, wankipedia edition

The talk page isn’t quite what it could be. I was hoping for a real dust-up between self-diagnosed “nice guys” and the women who hate them, but it’s pretty tame.

At least the first few words are correct: “folk psychology” about covers it.

hay guys lets make r own sciense @ home by puling it out of our ases lol

12 thoughts on “the “Nice Guy” thing, wankipedia edition

  1. I think this is a whiny self appellation by guys who are so fucking socially retarded they can’t see why a woman wouldn’t want to be with them. So tired of hearing that nice-guy shit from guys. They cry when you get real with them.

    1. Yeah, it’s a combination of that and people who hate the “nice guy” thing, whatever it is, so much that they’re nuts.
      And they all think it’s somehow universal instead of being something that middle-class single professionals in urban areas in the U.S. talk about, and no one else. It’s hilarious.

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