The Isadora Duncan Ladies’ Motorbiking Club is in Session

JE VAIS A LA GLOIRE! From the Register today:

SANTA ANA – A 19-year-old woman’s scarf wrapped around her motorcycle’s back wheel and pulled her off the bike this morning on the Costa Mesa (55) Freeway near Santa Clara Avenue, authorities said.

The motorcycle continued down the freeway until it eventually fell over, police said.

The California Highway Patrol responded to the 7:39 a.m. accident and said the woman, whose name was not released, suffered a broken arm and some scrapes and bruises.

6 thoughts on “The Isadora Duncan Ladies’ Motorbiking Club is in Session

  1. Beauty (scarves) is pain (fast wheels!). But I too can compete in the accessories causing injury department: I once fractured my fifth metatarsal just by wearing shoes that didn’t give me enough arch support. The doctor told me I “walked wrong.”


  2. Don’t remember which, but a certain serial killer looked for women wearing scarves. Easy target. But in CA it’s obviously just for fashion. No thanks.


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