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  1. brecht:
    I encountered him bass-ackwards by seeing Christopher Hampton’s “Tales From Hollywood” in which he was a character. I love Brecht/Weill songs and Brecht’s plays both. I appreciate his rebel attitude, especially the way he taunted and annoyed the East German government although he was himself a loyal Communist.
  2. diedrichs:
    This is a coffeehouse that ate my life for a decade. Good friends met, though.
  3. harold lloyd:
    The bespectacled genius of silent film. I enjoyed watching his comedies with my father.
  4. klezmer:
    Sacred music turned into party music is always a win. Like soul, klezmer is irresistably joyful. I am a big fan of John Zorn’s avant klezmer band Masada, also.
  5. mazda:
    I like small, fast, inexpensive cars and these people make those.
  6. neurofeedback:
    It’s a biofeedback protocol done solely against brain wave patterns, and I’m using it to try to fix my head.
  7. punk:
    Punk rock saved my life. I am not exaggerating.
  8. somethingawful:
    It’s a funny website, occasionally very very funny. Sometimes very lame in an entitled rich-kid way.
  9. tom waits:
    I hope that I don’t fall in love with you, ’cause falling in love just makes me blue.
  10. young marble giants:
    Tinny, ethereal, minimalist post-punk art-rock. “The Final Day” is the best song I’ve heard about nuclear obliteration. Stuart Moxham is a genius.

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3 thoughts on “INTERESTS MEEM

  1. Ah I love Harold Lloyd. I used to hate it when my Dad would put it on when I was a kid, it creeped me out for some reason. Now I can really appreciate it, like most things my Dad used to torture me with. 🙂

  2. I’m not as descriptive as you are.
    LJ Interests meme results

    broken breastplates:LOL. This one is for fun.
    deviance:Uh huh, like I would tell ya’ll.
    guitar:I can be lulled by the sound of an acoustic guitar.
    jumper:That’s me.
    mel brooks:Fagalists?
    Mel is one of the most cosisstantly funny people on the planet.
    photoshop:Making preeeety pictures:)
    salem:My Kitty.
    soap:I have an unatural attraction to soap. And really long showers. I noticed this one day when I looked under the bathroom sink and realized I had enough soap stockpiled to wash a family of four for 3 years.
    time:Time, Oh give me time…
    wolfgang amadeus mozart:Rock me Amadeus! I also like piano…and Harpsichord:)

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