6 thoughts on “Edward Hopper and Ed Ruscha Team Up in Costa Mesa

      1. After months of sitting at the coffeehouse across the street looking at that scene and thinking “Wow, Hopper-ish” I finally managed to get off my butt and take the picture. Not sure why I didn’t do it sooner!


  1. Those are quite good. I like the first one especially; this may be off-the-wall, but there’s something about the composition and lighting there that makes me think of Kubrick.


  2. carwash 1
    I think you almost had it in this one I would have cropped the lights on the left. that set of red lights IS interesting but i think it would have been a better subject on itself. now if you do that and then did an oil painting of this pic ….I think that would border on genious…real nice work all of it.
    I’m a painter and Hopper is my major influence.
    here my web site if you want to check it out; http://www.yessy.com/lenheid


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