11 thoughts on “Plan for July.

  1. When my niece was about 9, she told me, “I’ll never get a tattoo. But if I did, it’d be a weiner dog here!” and she used her finger to draw a band around her upper arm.
    I heart weiner dogs. Formaldehyde has this crazy vision of keeping a giant feral pack of them, chihuahuas, and pugs in our back yard.

  2. Brilliant
    The 11th one, what a drag that I’ve missed the previous 10, but no matter. Sure as you’re born my family will attend. You going to go, there, Mister Substitute? And amorpoeta posted today about the Pig Olympics in Moscow, like 12 countries competing.

  3. “For safety reasons, only dachshunds participating in the Wiener Nationals are allowed to bring their dogs.”
    Hey, my dachshund never had his own dog. They must be from SOUTH county.

  4. These pooches are best seen at Old World Village in Huntington Beach. I LOVE THESE DAMN DOGS! I grew up with a dachshund and hope to have another in the next year or so.

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