bife bife bife

Argentina on Two Steaks a Day


“Steaks here are ridiculous – not so much in diameter, since they rarely overhang the plate by more than an inch or two – but in thickness, having roughly the proportions of an American canned ham. But what the Argentines have really mastered is flavor. Strange cuts of meat that would be ground into flavorless paste up north come to your table here infused with a delicious texture and flavor, provided they are cooked right. And they are invariably cooked right. The waiters are solicitous about asking (in English) how you want your meat done, but if you let them make the call, you get a two-inch thick of meat that transitions seamlessly from carbon to bright pink and back.”

13 thoughts on “bife bife bife

  1. Makes me incredibly homesick for Argentina. That salad comes with everything you order there,and it’s always perfect, the fries are “papas provencal,” the best seasoned fries you could want, and that steak is on the skinny side for Argentine. Three inch thick steaks they serve without blinking an eye.
    The only thing they need is some Argentine table red . . . and maybe ice cream for dessert. The ice cream there is gelato-style, but in every flavor imagineable and so, so tasty.


    1. Sauce?
      There is a particular sauce that is particular to Argentina; it’s a green sauce that I have had only once but it is the best thing I have ever put on a piece of meat… And now I can’t think of the name of it… d’oh!


      1. Re: Sauce?
        The green stuff is a rare subspecies of chimichurri. Probably parsley, garlic, and olive oil with no red pepper added. It’s my favorite of all of them.
        I heard a long explanation about the green/red chimichurri divide in a restaurant here, but my Spanish wasn’t up to parsing it, and I was distracted by the steak filling my peripheral vision.


      2. Salsa-Sos
        Ok, I read your whole piece on Argentine cuisine and you nailed everything I would have wanted to say. (Especially about the ice cream.) Weirdness factor: you appear to be Polish. I’m American, but I grew up overseas in Argentina and, you guessed it, Poland. And while we’re on food, I have a recipe for zupa orgorkova up on my LJ.


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