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  1. Episcopal kits
    So the vampire slaying kit.
    In the Episcopal Church, I happen to be a Lay Eucharistic Minister, which means I’m licensed to administer communion outside a church. It’s pretty hip, I communicated a friend of mine who was in the hospital dying of old age. Anyway, you carry around a tasteful little black box with a little silver handle, inside of which is not entirely unlike the inside of the pictured kit, little bottles of things and little silver cases of things. Mine has fewer crosses, perhaps. And no mallet.
    See also: infantry chaplains. Now THOSE guys have kits. I’ve seen tactical partial prayer books, laminated pages so you can wipe off mud or other combat-related soiling. Small hard rubber bottles for wine and water, and a small hard rubber pyx for the communion wafers. At one time I fancied carrying one around on my motorcycle, in case I saw a crash, you know. I believe our Roman Catholic brethren call it “extreme unction.”

    1. Re: Episcopal kits
      You know what? BRING IT.
      You are up against one hardcore sister-to-be with a goth background and more Catholic guilt than you can handle!!
      Face it. You got nuthin’.

  2. I like the holy water bottles a lot. They look like they’ve been bottled at a coke plant or something. Don’t mix it up with Passover cola!

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