Delicious New Race Mix

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Delicious New Race Mix, originally uploaded by conradh.

All the dusky chocolate of mocha with the light, creamy touch of octaroon: in one nutty beverage!

8 thoughts on “Delicious New Race Mix

    1. Oh, my dear God. That is sinfully, awfully, horribly funny. And even funnier because I didn’t know that term had widespread social currency. I’m sorta from the south and I assumed we had the market cornered on phrases like that.


      1. If I hadn’t read a load of Southern novels I would have been lost too. That plus my inexplicable knowledge of disgusting liqueurs. Viva trivia!


      2. Disgusting Liqueurs
        The “Mocharoon” is presumably a play on macaroon, but after seeing your post with the racial slant on it, it took me a couple minutes to figure out what their actual intent was.
        You need to check out the two posts my friend has on nasty sodas and coffee beverages.


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