area man survives social event

I went to a party last night and it wasn’t a failure!

This is good, because parties have traditionally either totally alienated me, or hyped me up followed by a nasty crash afterwards. At this one I just had conversations with some nice, interesting people and then went home and went to bed.

There were musician guys there with rock ‘n’ roll hair but they were the thoughtful and well-educated kind and not yahoos. People were interested in ideas and things, and no one got sloppy drunk and in my face. Also, my Enron shirt was a hit.

It occurs to me that the resilience I’m acquiring through NFB is useful in these social situations so I am not one large nerve and I don’t get weird blowback effects afterwards.

Oh, and there was Stilton with apricot in it.

I did have one embarrassing moment when I introduced myself to someone who’d introduced himself about 45 minutes before. Fortunately I could tell this was a cognitive effect of treatment since it was so unusual, and he was interested in the explanation rather than totally offended.

And now, photo time.

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