Dips O’Mania

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Dips O’Mania, originally uploaded by conradh.

Kids, you too can get the D.T.’s!

4 thoughts on “Dips O’Mania

  1. LJ.U.I whooo
    man i totally bought one of those today! and i was really excited about it (lik-a-maid + pop rocks!??!) but my xmas got totally fucked up ’cause:
    1. i bought it conjuction with a bunch of weird bulk asian candy so i didn’t realize till after i left and checked my receipt that they were a buck thirty nine a piece! i KNEW that dried out sugared plums hadn’t gone up in price!
    2. my friend’s sour apple flavor (grosS) was fine but mine, which was of the strawberry spiderman packaged variety had totally gotten damp or something in the store and was already all popped out. noooooo
    apologies in advance.

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