Prescription Drug Safety Initiatives: Almost There, Guys!

I picked up my prescription yesterday and noticed that there is a new sticker on the bottle. This one is on the cap and describes the pill. It says:


The pills are indeed orange and capsules. They are not oblong, though, they’re just rounded cylinders like other capsules. And they say ADDERALL 20 MG on one side. Since the information was wrong but not clearly horribly wrong, I just took my pill and wrote it off as the usual incompetence. In short, the whole effort was a net negative.

It’s also totally great that they put this on the cap, so that when people who take lots of pills open up all of them to put their daily doses in the little pill reminder boxes, they’ll put the wrong cap back on later and panic when the small round blue pill that says “HCD 1.6” on it is under the cap that claims large rounded white pills that say “Glucophage”.

8 thoughts on “Prescription Drug Safety Initiatives: Almost There, Guys!

  1. I dunno, I’d call up and ask them why they gave you 20mg Adderall when the prescription was for Adderall XR 🙂
    Then again, knowing me, I probably wouldn’t. 😡

  2. Here’s a scary recent story: a local pharmacist dispensed the wrong medication to one of our patients. Rather then 28 Visicol tabs (a bowel prep for colonoscopy) she was given Vesicare which is for bladder spasms. The patient took two tabs every 15 mins. as the instructions told her to and then while approaching the 28th pill was clearly showing signs of overdose (just think about what 28 anti-bladder spasm pills would do to you!). She ended up in the ER getting her stomach pumped and now this pharmacist is in deep do-do.
    Trust NO ONE

  3. I realize this isn’t a “brain” post, but: aw, man, I thought you were discontinuing the stimulants. Adderall is seriously bad news according to the double-blind placebo-controlled statistically-significant studies I have run on it my hunches and small body of anecdotal evidence.

    1. I’m trying it again. My attention is really shot to shit, and the effects I was having before were clearly a result of other problems.
      Good thing about this stuff is, though, if you don’t like it you stop and the next day it’s gone. Unlike changing SSRIs, which is like steering a ship.
      So I’m giving it a try for a week.

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