7 thoughts on “DEAR STEVEN SEAGAL

    1. Carlos! You should be ashamed of yourself!! Stuart has been nothing but kind to you…bailing you out of jail after the FBI tracked you down in Canada and not even asking where you were the entire month of June last year. Washing your crap off the walls and taking messages from alla girls you love and leave… Is Segal gonna cover for your ass when you don’t show up for weeks? More importantly…Would Segal infiltrate a Turkish prison and break you outta like Stuart did?
      NOT!! Stevie may look tough…But I think you know the real thing when you see it, Monkeyman!!

  1. I’ve had Seagal’s latest album for a while. I think you can download it from his website. His site also has a java chat page, where you can chat with Seagal fans from all over the world.

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