unfortunate criminal name of the day

Man faces jail time for selling crack

A City of Poughkeepsie man faces a stint in jail for dealing crack in the city last year.

Landocalrissan Butler, 25, of Winnikee Avenue, entered a guilty plea Tuesday in Dutchess County Court to attempted criminal possession of a controlled substance, a felony. Butler told Judge Thomas J. Dolan he had five small bags of crack in his pocket Dec. 22 when police arrested him on Morgan Avenue. He said he intended to sell the drugs.

In exchange for his plea, Butler was promised a sentence of six months in jail and five years on probation. He will also be required to forfeit a cell phone and $432 police said he obtained through illegal drug sales.

Butler remains jailed pending his sentencing, scheduled for April 4.

11 thoughts on “unfortunate criminal name of the day

  1. no.
    But. I worked a contract at Microsoft where I had a co-worker who had been in the Legion. He signed up with the name Luke Skywalker, but was told he was the 9th Luke that day. Which is why he is in posession of a workers pass for France in the name of Mark Hammill.


      1. I was a test proctor once and one of the kids was named John Rambo. And as he was a teenager it must have been his honest-to-God legal name.


    1. Or the reporter didn’t.
      If I were the parents, I would have done – First name: Lando, Middle name: Calrissian (is that spelled right?). Why squish it together?


  2. Crack users have some of the best names ever. But I’m partial to crack users in general so I’m biased. I can only imagine his arraignment…
    Defense Attorney: Is that your true legal name, correctly spelled?
    Judge: No, really, what is your true name?
    Mr. Butler: Landocalrission Butler.
    Judge: No, your true legal name. What your parents named you?
    Mr. Butler: Landocalrission Butler.


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