Every Man a King

When the inevitable economic collapse occurs, will we get a pleasantly technocratic National Uncle like FDR, or a nativist religious populist, an American Franco/Peron?

What a nasty set of dice we’ll have to roll. I wish I was an optimist about politics.

12 thoughts on “Every Man a King

  1. In my less optimistic moments I’m picturing a cross between Father Charles Coughlin and a younger, perkier, madeover-for-The View-Hitler, definitely a straight-talkin’ media-savvy Southerner who’ll draw equally from the America-first protectionist Labor people and the Religious right. Mix in a little homespun LaRouchie philosophy, some of the FDR New Deal iconography and the famous Clintonian triangualtion and…yeah. Just this once, I hope all the people who say “it can’t happen here” are right.

  2. The optimist will only tell you this: even if we get a fascist*, the economic collapse and the descent into barbarism will only be en evolutionary step forward into the long boom. “There’s got to be a pony in here somewhere!”
    * OMG, what a circumlocution you constructed there, Conrad—”nativist religious populist, an American Franco/Peron” seems like a lot of verbiage where just one word should suffice.

    1. Real fascism requires more anti-individualism than the American myth will tolerate. The nearest thing we could get would be religious in nature, because that’s the only place we’ll take that kind of thing.

      1. On the other hand, more and more Americans seem to be satisfied with their individualism as a myth. The trick only seems to be to ensure unity unter the buzzword “patriotism” and yet allow you to wear funny pants if you so desire.

      2. “Real fascism requires more anti-individualism than the American myth will tolerate.”
        Who says you’re a pessimist?

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