10 thoughts on “The Blair Butch Project

  1. Oh man I’m so going gay tomorrow.
    Not just my beauty but intelligence! He’s glad I’m here!
    And that song! He presses a few random keys on the piano and “woah, the memories…” he’s getting all choked up!
    And he agrees with what I hope for by saying “uh huh… yeah… fascinating…”
    So rugged yet sensitive!

  2. Ho. Lee. Shit.
    I’m trying to imagine the process of having that made. The chutzpah of the ad team to propose it to the company, the insanity of the company in going forward, the auditions, the set design, the scriptwriters not dying of a laughter-induced coronary.
    Whoever’s getting rich on that deserves every fucking penny.

  3. That whole thing disturbes me to the very core. There are so many things wrong with that on so many levels that there isn’t enough time left in my measely human lifespan to properly address it all.

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