My Iron Bung

  1. How do Swedes survive past 40 eating delicious stuff like this all the time? Also, Elaine, please stop trying to kill me with your blog, thanks!
  2. Hmm. Chinese wine?
  3. Craigslist post du jour: Carol, or T-Bone?
  4. From Japan, a land where things are different, the be your own cat keychain. Thanks, ‘vark.
  5. Mr. Toast presents: SPACE LORE FROM THE MEAT PEOPLE.
  6. The Taklimakan Desert of Western China does not look very hospitable, at least from satellite height.
  7. For hoyvenmayven and other smarties: THE DEFINITIVE FRINK. This isn’t the Monsterometer…
  8. Ursi linked to a fine photo gallery of the Venetian version of Carnival: very different from Brazil, and very beautiful.

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