flesh that walks

  1. Bibliodyssey has a fascinating article on the encrypted religious poetry of the 9th century German theologian Rabanus. This is the kind of thing I see and immediately want to know everything about!
  2. On a totally different spectrum of awesome, here’s a formula 1 V10 engine warming up and revving, just to show you what the peak of gearhead technology looks and sounds like.
  3. I hope this is an incorrect report, but it’s not unbelievable that the world’s two best-known child molesters would make beautiful music together.

4 thoughts on “flesh that walks

  1. “Keep this up and we’ll make you a cardinal”
    Who, Michael Jackson and Gary Glitter?
    I’m not aware of any evidence that Pope John Paul II personally molested any children per se.

    1. Re: “Keep this up and we’ll make you a cardinal”
      I meant Jacko and the Church itself, should have made that clear.
      But hey, let’s bring in Gary and R. Kelly and that guy from Phish and everyone else and have a “We are the Shorteyes” song! 🙂

  2. “The poem filling the cypher grid was enriched by these smaller images, as most of the letters contained within them created tiny individual poems.” Thus his writings could be appreciated at least on one level by the largely illiterate populace.”
    Er, supposing the largely illiterate populace ever got close enough to very rare versions of cryptic insider-to-insider poetry circulated among the academic elite.
    But yeah, Hrabanus rules. Although out of writers from that period, I think Alcuin has the most charm.

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