Bird Attack.

The heron in the empty bath

Edit: It seems unlikely that this was a heron due to the rarity of white herons in this area. The editors egret the error.

A heron dived into my back yard this morning, ate both goldfish and a few of the mosquito-eater fish out of the pond, tried without success to walk out the back gate due to insufficient runway length, mesmerized the cat, and finally hopped on the roof and left. The rest of the photos are in the Heron Visit Flickr set

17 thoughts on “Bird Attack.

    1. Re: Oh, those golden slippers !
      And it’s still a heron, ornithologically speaking. Herons that tend to have fancy plumes in the mating season tend to be called “egrets.” More upscale, you know.


  1. I was on one of the first stops on an incredibly long schoolbus ride when I was a kid. We’d wind up and down the rivers picking up three or four kids every five miles or so. I spent a lot of time with my face pressed against the steamy window, counting the blue herons we passed.


      1. Re: cat
        Your cat has a nice name.
        Maybe I’m just comapring her to my former cat (who weighted about 5 pounds), but Poussin looks like there’s a lot of kitty to love.


  2. wow, beautiful bird! i once watched what i think was a heron help himself to the koi buffet in the Japanese Garden in GG Park. he was in heaven; the koi were extremely annoyed. there are a few pics over here!
    you and your camera take lovely pictures, btw.


  3. My dad works for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, at a fish hatchery. So, they often have blue herons hanging around. Fortunately when you have thousands of fish, one heron doesn’t put such a significant dent in the population…


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