Ran into Jenae at D’s yesterday. Poor woman was there to put down a dog, her aged Corgi that I met recently. Not only that, but the wolfhound also died recently. They’re down to one dog. I waved to her husband who was outside with the other dog. She was all red-eyed. Ugh. She’s back in school now which was good to hear.

I made stirfry for dinner last night and got it right because I remembered to do the trick with the cornstarch water to get the stuff to stay separate, and because I put the ginger in right at the last moment. Trader Joe sells a decent imitation of Lundberg Wild Blend, too (Calfornia Rice Trilogy).


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    1. Mix up a couple tablespoons of cornstarch and an equivalent amount of soy sauce. Mix that into a big bowl of water and put in the vegetables or meat you’re going to stirfry. Let them sit there a while as you get other stuff ready, heat the oil etc. Then drain them and stirfy them. Save some of the cornstarchy soy water as a base for whatever sauce you want to make.
      The result is that nice separated morsels feeling you get with Chinese food instead of just chunks of stuff that stick.

      1. ooooh, sweet! thanks. i have been playing with the stirfry foods a bit and i think that is just the key i have been missing!
        please feel free to share any other wonderous tips!
        take care,

      1. Her husband, unless I totally fucked up his name 😀 that’s quite possible, as I see him about every six months for a total of four times

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