Alcohol, table saws, and flannel shirts just do not mix.

mendel send me this medical shop talk forum thread, which contains stories about emergency room patients from doctors and other ER folks on the theme: “Things I Learn from my Patients”.

We’ve all seen the funny/awful lists of things in butts, or heard about lamers who beg for drugs, etc. Hey, I watched that TV show sometimes too in the 90s. I don’t think they ever had a patient on E.R. with a lost TV remote located in an abscessed gluteal fold, though.

2 thoughts on “Alcohol, table saws, and flannel shirts just do not mix.

  1. unrestrained driver had not one but TWO spiral femur fractures in the same leg. his foot was pointed backwards. tree survived with minor scratches.
    Awesome. Med school seems like one of those things where the only way to get through it without breaking down is to learn a certain sort of grim humour.


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