Who broke who in the what now?

ludickid points to an almost completely incomprehensible review of Brokeback Mountain by a very confused guy, and the discussion thread produces much hilarity.

We are all Junior High School Newspaper Editorials now.

If you don’t have time to read the entire mess of a review, this very short silent video the guy posted of himself off his xanga (!) should be enough for you to get the gist.

9 thoughts on “Who broke who in the what now?

  1. Great subject line!
    From a commenter: As my friend says he is the God of Sodom and Gomorrha and absolute truths.
    Augh! And clearly this ‘friend’ forgot about the whole Jesus redeeming-for-sins-thingy. AND YOU SPELLED GOMORRAH WRONG GODBOY
    And anyway it’s no more a sin than me forgetting to smash all the dishes I touch when I have my period!

  2. what the FUCK?
    “After all, did Jack or Ennis ever leave one of their sexual encounters even a little bit happier than they were before? No. Each and every time they had to go back to the same broken lives they had come from.”
    This guy defines “missing the point” in so many ways. Actually he moves beyond “missing the point” into territories that are too filled with God for me to even think about…

  3. I once heard someone say that it’s time for those who struggle with really big things like homosexuality to stop telling God how big their “mountain” is, and start telling their mountain how big God is.

    Actually, nothing I could add could possibly make that any funnier. I just wanted to reply using this icon.

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