positively 21st st

I forgot that having alcohol near bed time always makes me wake up early. Even a little and GOOD MORNING! I’M ALL PERKY AT 0600!

For the 20th anniversary of the Challenger explosion I think maybe I’ll go get a balsa wood glider and attach a firecracker to it, and then throw it and yell OBVIOUSLY A MAJOR MALFUNCTION! just as it goes off.

Last night’s dinner came out really well. A black japonica/brown rice blend, steamed broccoli with ginger and black pepper, and hot wing “drummettes”. Tonight I think is soup night. I’ll go to Growers Ranch and see what kind of veg-eatables they have that look most soupworthy.

The Rich Girls Are Weeping has an mp3 in advance of Neko Case’s new CD!

Here’s a really long, weird list of new magazines last year courtesy Robotwisdom.com


3 thoughts on “positively 21st st

  1. roger, go at throttle up
    I think this day 20 years ago was the beginning of my loss of innocence.
    I too always wake up ridiculously early the night after going to the pub.


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