Last night mr_flippant and I were playing mp3 pingpong as we often do, and I didn’t listen to all of the stuff I got from him but left some on my desktop.

Today when I logged in to my account my computer decided entirely on its own that it was time to import “Bing Bang Bang Bong Kong” by Messer Chups into iTunes and immediately play it. I have no idea how this happened, since the thing started playing before I was actually all the way logged in.

Anyway I’m awake now.

positively 21st st

I forgot that having alcohol near bed time always makes me wake up early. Even a little and GOOD MORNING! I’M ALL PERKY AT 0600!

For the 20th anniversary of the Challenger explosion I think maybe I’ll go get a balsa wood glider and attach a firecracker to it, and then throw it and yell OBVIOUSLY A MAJOR MALFUNCTION! just as it goes off.

Last night’s dinner came out really well. A black japonica/brown rice blend, steamed broccoli with ginger and black pepper, and hot wing “drummettes”. Tonight I think is soup night. I’ll go to Growers Ranch and see what kind of veg-eatables they have that look most soupworthy.

The Rich Girls Are Weeping has an mp3 in advance of Neko Case’s new CD!

Here’s a really long, weird list of new magazines last year courtesy Robotwisdom.com


And your kid has a face like a walnut from the ice cream.

I saw Leo Kottke perform this song in 1986 or so? Dunno. It was at McCabe’s. He introduced the song by saying that he’d stayed up really late one night and smoked a whole lot of cigars while playing guitar in an effort to become Joe Pass. He did not become Joe Pass. However, he woke up in the state of mind the next day that caused him to write this song.

This is how I, and many of us, feel in the morning.

Jack Gets Up (.mp3, 6.5 meg)