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When I get comment notification mail now, and I click on a link like “unscreen this comment” or “delete this comment” in the mail, it takes me to the old school url and I get a message that the url doesn’t match the journal owner. Then I have to do it all manually, instead.

Does anyone know where one actually reports bugs like this? The Support thing has never worked for me; I get a response six weeks later after it’s all fixed asking me why I’m reporting this because it’s all fixed.

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      1. Awesome,
        I wrote RT::Authen::OpenID and put it on CPAN this weekend…
        Still tweaking the default configs, I also want to add foaf getter support to it so I can autofill the email and name parts.

      2. My dumb ennui of RT.
        When I try <a href=
        >this and hit “OpenID Login”,
        <a href=
        >this happens.
        I bent my Wookiee.
        BTW, I <a href=
        >!made you a present! There’s a whole Zilla backstory on it, but it’s self-explanatory anyway.

  1. The problem was that it compared the username in the form to the username for the subdomain. However, it failed to do some conversions, most obviously the the hyphen→underscore conversion (e.g. domain foo-bar should convert to username foo_bar). I was fix in CVS the Wednesday night and will hopefully be live soon-ish.

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