we’re chained

  1. Joey Buttafuoco says “It’s time to put it all behind us” and let the healing begin. Appropriately, enough, on a reality show. I hope they wheel in Mary Jo with a .45 so my healing can begin, too!
  2. I thought “MetalStorm” was a bad 1970s sf movie, but it’s actually a gun that fires 240,000 rounds per minute.
  3. The Beast is Back! With their required-reading loathsome people of 2005 list.

More later. I’m out of time. Phrenology calls.

6 thoughts on “we’re chained

  1. I’ve seen a video demonstration of that thing. It relies heavily on circuitry to control the thing, but is much simpler since it has no moving parts. It’s sort of misleading since you have to have a lot of barrels together to get the rounds per minute numbers they describe, but it’s an impressive technology nonetheless.

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