Eddie Little bits

I’m going through the LA Weekly’s archives pulling out some of Eddie Little’s columns so people can get an idea of what he was about. Links are below.

Locals, think “Bob Trout if he could write”.





5 thoughts on “Eddie Little bits

  1. Eddie for real
    Thanks for finding those and psoting thm up. Eddie’s writing is true and real. I just finished reading Andrew Vachss’ latest; reading htem side by side you can see how Vachss sees it from his angles as an advocate fighting for kids like Eddie, and how Eddie LIVED it ugly. he was a great fucking guy, Eddie Little, and a total hero to me because he wrote NO MATTER what; his use and flow of launguage are authenic and graceful, brutal beauty AND HE WROTE NO MATTER WHAT–in jail, out of jail, on drugs, kicking, healthy…
    I hope Frey roasts in hell, that he is haunted nightly, that impotence in all areas attacks and stays with a vengence and he is reduced to teaching learning annex memoir classes in Dubuque


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