bow before the HMP-288

changeng brought us the debut this weekend of this device. It’s a lot of things. A split keyboard. A dual-neck flying-V keytar. A “Sound Mixer”. A light show. $9.95 at “Big Lots!”. A really big mistake. An aleatory composition device that produces unpredictable sound patterns RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX! Ladies and gentlemen, the device Stuart affectionately calls “THE HUMP”: THE HMP-288!

The HMP-2888 (detail)

The HMP-288

The HMP-288

Stuart's  Stuff

Stuart, the HMP-288, and the groupies

Stuart's Groupies

Groupies Sign

Stuart's Groupies (Detail crop)

A Groupie

Stuart's Accordion

13 thoughts on “bow before the HMP-288

      1. okay – here’s the deal – I found mine at a Big Lots near my church, some distance from my home. It’s the only one I’ve ever seen. In fact, it was strapped to the remains of the bottom of it’s box when I first saw it. It was in the lawn supplies part of the store, lights twinkling away. No price tag – I messed with it for a few minutes and walked away. I went to my local Big Lots two weeks later and there it was, same unit, same remnants of a box. This time it was pushed into the corner of the furniture department. No price tag. I messed with it for a few minutes and left.
        Two weeks later I go back and now it’s in the front of the store, on top of other toy keyboards – not it’s own species. I mess with it for a minute, starting to get the willies from this determined little thing. I asked the nice lady how much it was and she dissappeared to find out. I told myself if it’s $9.99 or less I’ll buy it, otherwise no. She came back 20 minutes later as I’m leaving the store and yells “Meester, the toy is $9.99”. So I had no choice.
        In the brief two weeks I’ve owned it, it has revolutionized music as we know it. I have not seen another anywhere.
        Good luck on finding one.


      2. Wow, it’s like something out of the Twilight Zone! The toy was meant to find you, and with it you will conquer the music world!! But beware…there’s always some sort of downside. Perhaps you have to sell your soul to it or something. Or, it breaks and then your career goes kaput.


  1. Thanks for taking some awesome pictures of the girls! Good news – they’ll be hanging out at Stuart’s on a permanent basis – congratulate him – he’s added Doll Pimp to his resume.


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