Kéan Coffee. Verdict: yum.

I’ve had their espresso two days running and it’s really good. Not just dark and bitter like Charbucks or the Diedrich chain. It’s strong and dark and a little bit sweet and really, really, really good.

I bought some beans and I just drank a whole effing pot of the decaf. I haven’t had just-roasted coffee this good in years.

Congratulations, Martin. This is some seriously good coffee. Now don’t screw it up this time!

11 thoughts on “Kéan Coffee. Verdict: yum.

  1. Espresso quality
    Excellent, they must have served it to you fast from the adjectives you use.
    That mess should be drunk within ten seconds of emerging from the machine (official Starbucks policy). It’s crazily volatile with the chemistry and heat and vapor pressure and all that science. Everything that tastes good is gone in ten seconds of nut-brown, miso-soup-like-convection.
    Meaning that if Dopin’ Dan behind the counter continues talking to the chick in the abstinence thong for any period of time, you pay $1.75 for the bitter jet-black sloppy seconds.

    1. Re: Espresso quality
      Meaning that if Dopin’ Dan behind the counter continues talking to the chick in the abstinence thong for any period of time, you pay $1.75 for the bitter jet-black sloppy seconds.
      You just described the last five years at Diedrich.

  2. I just called in to work to see what my schedule is for next week and was told that I will have a new manager when I get back. I think we have had the current one for a month?
    I want to try Kean today, I need a good latte.

    1. I have been ignoring the repeated hints that you are working there. MY FINGERS JABBED ALL THE WAY IN MY EARS HERE.
      I propose that me, Conrad, Jared, and Laura all have a rochambo competition, and the loser has to be the next person that gets a job there.

      1. Yep. I don’t even get to work with D either 🙁 Our schedules completely conflict.
        It’s really more of a babysitting gig.
        PS I don’t need Jared jerking off in the Mocha Mix.

      2. dude
        my humor is WAY more high brow than that.
        I like noels idea though, working there would be so much fun. especially since i could care less about what DiedrichCorp would do. I actually look forward to conflict with that Sandy mess.
        maybe getting amy fired for sexual harassment
        OR getting a morning shift and giving everyone who drives a bmw free coffee, telling them that is corporate policy at all Diedrichs stores now.
        OR jacking off in the vanilla ice cream.. gotta keep my little guys cold.

      3. Re: dude
        The best part would be you getting control of the stupid fucking TV ad-trola thing.
        1 pm on a Sunday, as the post church crowd comes in for a hot choco, and it’s One Night in Chyna on the 30″…

  3. The half black half japanese community concurs
    I have been waiting for about 10 years for this to occur. I even wished for the good old days at D’s when Martin would come in and give us an impromptu lecture about the impoverished coffee plantation workers and their conditions and how that relates to us not keeping the grinders clean enough.
    It looks like those days may be back. I won’t work there as a coffee slave, but I will show some support by coming in and not try to get out of paying for coffee.
    At least for the first few months.

  4. re: yum!
    i had a wee bit o’ the turkish coffee. it was pretty, swirly, and the ground cardamom was a nice, if gritty touch. the excitement surrounding the first day of business was infectious.
    i also watched a guy in rollerblades put black streak marks all over the new floor.

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