Nice presents including a small friendly wide angle lens for my camera and a good book. Really good dinner at Onotria, a newish high class italian restaurant. The pasta sauce had WILD BOAR in it. I somehow imagined the chef taking the boat over to Catalina and chasing one around with a spear, then bringing it back in a suspiciously lumpy duffel bag and scaring the other customers.

The cannoli was good but not quite as good as the home made stuff redmaenad fed me once. The owner was wandering about and occasionally singing. There were lots of people there having wine events of some kind where they had those balloon glasses the size of their heads, which was comic.

My brother gave me a Skype phone but it’s windows only, so back to Amazon it goes.

Today, I got the spam below, which pleased me to no end:

From: Bugger C. Displeasing (Williams@vflock.com)
Subject: popular programs for everyday use.


16 thoughts on “41st

  1. “My brother gave me a Skype phone but it’s windows only, so back to Amazon it goes.”
    had you said this twenty years ago, people would have thought you were insane.

    1. Whenever I see Wild Boar on a menu I think of your story about (if I get it right) the vegetable delivery guy who was in some men’s group? that went out in the woods and was wild? and then they were going to hunt wild pigs with pointed sticks? and you thought that was really dangerous?

      1. Stoned Hippies With Sticks!!! They have the advantage of only having to carry some weed along instead of 6 packs!
        Yeah, that guy scared the crap out of me, seriously. I like how he thought Dennis would be a wacky hippy hunter too, because he had curly hair. =) I seriously think an ambulance to trail them would not be out of place.

      2. Right. My money is on the hicks and not the hippies, because they may have beer but they also tend to have a .30-06.
        One can only hope that the pigs, on seeing hippies with pointed sticks, just said “oh man this is going to be fucking EMBARRASSING” and left.

  2. Day-delayed birthday greetings! Sorry about that – I’ve not been keeping up with LJ for the past three days. Got caught up rating my music dot com, as well as being Flirty McDrinksalot on Wednesday night.

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