Jesus WHAT

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Jesus WHAT, originally uploaded by conradh.

I don’t want to spend $16 to find out, really.

6 thoughts on “Jesus WHAT

  1. Egypt Fetishist…
    Hi Conrad!
    I checked out some of the guys ranting and it appears he is some sort of pre-Christian, Egypt-fetishist. His take is that all the major figures of the Bible up to Jesus were all pharaohs, and that the old testament in particular is actually Egyptian religious history.
    It all about the Thoth, apparently…
    mojo sends

  2. “Jesus, what the fuck are you doing? Do you know what Moses would be doing right now if he found out about this? He would be turning over in his grave, he would!”

  3. googled
    “There is irrefutable evidence that the Biblical patriarchs were indeed pharaohs of Egypt, that is why their story was so important that it has endured for so many thousands of years. Using this new knowledge, Jesus, Last of the Pharaohs goes on to discover an entirely new face to Christianity, to discover startling new passages where the Biblical Jesus and Saul appear in the historical record. The Bible is transformed into a story of a royal bloodline, and it is a tale that is verifiable at every stage by references from the historical texts.”
    The guy’s books
    Abraham, Pharaoh of Egypt (article by the same author)

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