More than this there is nussink.

After brain lady I tried to eat at Lido Diner. No luck. The sign said they were closed for “PRIVATE PARTIE’S”. [Sic]

And so was everyone else for a block. Places not just closed Mondays all were private. Tonigh was Office Holiday Party tonight.

Thank God for the Newport Beach Brewing Company. And now to enjoy hefeweizen, caesar salad, and fish and chips.

9 thoughts on “More than this there is nussink.

    1. the sicness unto death
      I had meant to do something wacky like put the sic in 24 point bold garamond or type 50 of them but then I didn’t.

      1. They brew fine root beer, too:
             For those of us who are constitutionally required
        to be the designated driver everytime we visit there...

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