a babel into the void

If eye of the list “of the amis,”, that it has this in this service, that is tests smooth-to love. She is people, admits to the year in the person. Others are new the acquaintance 0ccasional or friends, the V in the first place in the Internet, exact of you that the screw gushes on one changed cliff of left of the position. And it has then of you that I probably do not satisfy never, possibly, because it is distant characterizes he saws that therefore or their screw is various, than is not probable we with the part of the same zone. Which entire it in the common distance of the earth must, is clay/tone. The Internet can form a lot, in order to limit the world, but of a specific sense the zones do not become between we. To fine the fifteen years the friends from this new sense have earned the dozen, but too much so that they were only under, than always. Task that is does not originate them. It is of the crystal – to face the density and not of the face. It wants slowly to times that it could give the return to the distraction and to the stay of the better acquaintance and, of the idealizada before this entire communication.

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