4 thoughts on “And you thought Craigslist “casual encounters” were bad

  1. Somerville Theater
    I have been many times to the Somerville Theater, I am pleased to see it is still imposing itself on suburban Boston. I have seen Dr. Strangelove there at least five times. I lived nearby in a ratty little apartment, living a ratty little life. It is likely the marquee designer was quite aware of what he was typesetting.
    Also, I saw Hunter S. Thompson speak there. He was over two hours late, and at least acted quite drunk and surly. He did not take kindly to audience members who were angry at him for being two hours late, drunk and surly. Man, was the audience ticked off, except for the few who were amused at the angry ones and taunted them.


  2. I also frequent that theater. I saw Bernie Worrell there, as well as Ween. And a few weeks ago, I saw the guy who sings all the songs in There’s Something About Mary, but I’ve forgotten his name already.


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