New genre: LARPMetal

Remember the link I posted yesterday to the fursuit people “dancing” kind of listlessly to endless EuroOperaticSynthMetal? A guy from that band made the greatest rock video ever made in the history of rock videos that have been made. Ladies and gentlemen, I preset Luca Turilli’s “Ancient Forest of Elves”.

This is the dorkiest fucking thing I’ve ever seen. And I know my dorks.

20 thoughts on “New genre: LARPMetal

      1. kiss made a concept album in the early 80’s called ‘music from the elder’ it was a concept album, kind of a soundtrack of some little elf who has to join some crazy orginazation to go kill other elves or dwarves or something.
        kiss fans and kiss say it was their worst album ever.
        people who hate kiss say its their best.

      1. Which rivals Mike Patton’s mid-“Just A Man” monologue for sheer “are you fucking kidding!”-ness!
        But for Mike, we know the answer.
        This is a truly glorious thing you have shewn us this day.

      1. I too abandoned the Ancient Forest of Elves prematurely. Thanks to your sage counsel I made a sacred oath to return to the barren lands of Google Video and complete my quest… to view with my eyes the Holy Grail of Dorkdum. Just as you prophesied, I was beset by auditory monsters and all kinds of musical foul beasts, yet I laboured on. At last, after many guitars and violins, I came to the man in the black hood and watched the supernova of special effects. Thank ye for thou oracle. I am a richer man for it.

  1. I must be missing something, can’t find the video.
    Meanwhile, vis-a-vis the furry video, have you seen the video for Moby’s song Beautiful? It’s here,, just get to it from the music video menu.

  2. Outstanding…
    Thank you Conrad! I am now complete!
    Although, the lyrics here pale in comparison to their mega-chart-topping “The Knight of Immortal Fire.” Google the lyrics… I laughed so hard, milk came out of my nose, and I haven’t had milk in five years…
    mojo sends

  3. so. perfect.
    I can’t decide what my favorite part was. The telephone pole in the middle of the “medieval” field? The leather pants and cape ensemble? Imagining the look on those Hell’s Angels’ faces when they find that dude playing guitar in the middle of their marijuana crop?

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