It’s all about the sneetches

  1. jactitation returned from Japan with some great pictures of MONKEYS IN THE MIST!
  2. Defensetech reports that Honeywell is building a Star Wars Droid, no joke. (PDF file at last link.) Also that Drudge totally got the story wrong, surprise.
  3. AdJab reports that one of those dumb promo “throw the ball in this difficult way and win $1 million” things was won, and by a no-doubt impoverished combat veteran who now won’t have to live in a box. I cannot stop saying the name of the thing he won: “Bi-Lo Healthy Choice Pigskin Challenge”.
  4. NASA has an amazing gallery of photos-of-the-day from the MODIS satellite imaging system.
  5. Again from AdJab, the Seattle Times has an article about eating in cars that shows that the whole country is turning into Southern California as usual. Best quote:

    “The Crunchy Taco is the No. 1 seller. But we hear from consumers that it is difficult to eat in the car because it’s open on three sides,” says Laurie Schalow, Taco Bell spokeswoman in Irvine, Calif., who says the goal is to make drive-through service “faster and friendlier” without encouraging unsafe driving.

  6. Milk: it does a body good, but could it be madcowing your brain?
  7. Bookslut reports that the hellbound founder of BzzAgent, the company that gives you free stuff in exchange for you lying to your friends about how cool it is, deployed his army of zombie consumer whores to pimp out his own book on Amazon. People, if you’re going to sell out, at least take the trouble to get paid properly for it. This is sad.
  8. Apropos of nothing, because I was just talking to hydrozoa about this: I want to have a talk show where people who have written whiny books about how their particular upper middle class suburban childhood was worse than yours and how their particular neurosis is special and perfect are invited on TV to talk about their books. And just as they get into the self-important whining, the security guards, who are like the ones on Jerry Springer, come on stage and beat the shit out of them while the audience cheers. It will be called “SHUT UP, AMERICA!” Folks, that kind of talk is for livejournal and not for 250 pages hardback published by Alfred A. Knopf and dumped in a pyramid at the entrance to the Barnes & Noble. Oprah delenda est.
  9. Microsoft Korea has a song for you to sing! Thanks to the exploding aardvark. Developers developers developers developers…
  10. The Federal Government wants their Blackberry so much they’re intervening in a patent lawsuit to keep it from going away. What wouldn’t I give to have access to Karl Rove’s Crackberry…

7 thoughts on “It’s all about the sneetches

  1. 6. interesting. especially since one of the main defenses of the dairy biz is that diary animals don’t eat what meat cows eat. Cheese is of course another step removes from fluid milk chemically. but scary.


      1. Re: I’ll tell you how
        Once of the dangers:
             Of “skimming” is missing things like prepositions: my first glance at this item had me thinking someone’d gone and inventing an edible automobile…


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