A place for fiends

From : the 18-year-old PA murder/kidnap suspect is a myspace kid, as is the 14-year-old girl he kidnapped/fled with after offing her parents.

One of a number of tragicomic punchlines to this story is that not only did the star-crossed couple not meet on Myspace, they didn’t even meet at a school or some local teen danger hangout. They met through the homeschooling group in which her religiously conservative parents had placed her. Good thing we avoided the public schools with all that secular situational ethics that corrupts the morals.

7 thoughts on “A place for fiends

    1. Hey, if you’re going online, doesn’t 17 sound way better than 14? I mean, as someone once wisely pointed out, Seventeen magazine is read by girls who are 12 or 13 (or 14) but who want to be 17. After all, who’s going to read a magazine called Twelve?
      Apart from some really, really creepy people, I mean.

  1. They both have 11/13 logins, you think it was the FEDS?
    I’m so glad she listed Jesus first as her interest.
    P.S. I hate when you post this shit cause I don’t get anything done at work. Thanks 😀

  2. There are photos of that dickwad on some photo site gutting deer and playing with some swords. I just keep thinking of her siblings suffering the loss of their parents due to some argument about their sisters curfew.

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