Preordered Music Folly du Jour

RT – The Life and Music of Richard Thompson.

Five CDs, all rarities and live material. Sixth “write in” CD of even rarer material. 168-page book.

FANGASM. Went on pre-sale in the US today via, was already on sale in the U.K.

Huff huff.

3 thoughts on “Preordered Music Folly du Jour

  1. Capital, my good man!
    I don’t think there’s any possible way of going wrong with Richard Thompson, so that should be a slam dunk. AND AND AND a hurdy gurdy player to boot – (“Rumor and Sigh”)

  2. Thompson collection?
    Will this be generally released, or is this something you have to order off the website? This absolutely freekin’ rules!

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