From wildwood to hollywood

I hear the movie isn’t bad. I like Johnny Cash, and the Carter family. I don’t personally wish ill upon Joaquin Phoenix or Reese Witherspoon; they may be very nice people.

But I think I have to issue a fatwa that it is against the will of God for Mr. Phoenix to sing Johnny Cash and Ms. Witherspoon to sing as June Carter on the soundtrack.

8 thoughts on “From wildwood to hollywood

  1. I saw an ad on TV for this movie last night and I’m against it. From the ad it looked horrible. I want it to bomb. Why must they do this? It’s like the Andy Kaufman movie with Jim Carrey… it doesn’t really matter how good or bad it is, the premise is unsatisfying. Johnny Cash had a media soaked life, why can’t they just make a really good, expensive, feature length documentary? We proved we’ll pay to see documentaries. Why aren’t they pandering to our tastes?

  2. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!
    You are correct, as much as I might like both Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon, having them sing in place of Johnny Cash and June Carter is a crime against Nature and Nature’s God.
    The fact that there is a movie producer who was apparently not blue-bolted into a pair smoldering wing-tips for even proposing this travesty augers for dire theological implications.
    mojo sends

  3. I saw a screening last week and the movie isn’t so bueno. You should probably skip it. Reese Witherspoon is surprisingly great, but the rest of the casting was hard to watch. The guys who play Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis and completely wrong and Joaquin Phoenix is especially hard to believe when he sings. You will be bored and frustrated.
    For an excellent biopic experience, go see Capote – it is beautifully shot and the acting is superb. Good Night and Good Luck is really well done also.

    1. I hear Capote is great, yeah. Thanks for reminding me.
      Your blog doesn’t work! It makes thingies all over the screen instead of a web page. I think the wookie got bent.

      1. I’ll second the recommendation of Capote.
        To those not happy about the Johnny Cash movie, I just want to point out that it’s all relative. This is a much better idea than Mike Myers as Keith Moon. Pardon me while I twitch.

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