I voted.

I put my voter sticker with the flag on it on my shirt, but upside down to indicate distress. The flag outside in the parking lot wasn’t upside down yet, but it was looking a bit forlorn. Will the last small d democrat out of Orange County please bring it?

What so proudly we hailed

6 thoughts on “I voted.

  1. i voted too. i put my sticker on my hand. upside down also. except, when i look at it it is rightside up to me. so i actually put it as an awkward upside down slant. sorry, i think i am starting to ramble…it must be nearing time to leave…


  2. I voted, and I didn’t even get a voter sticker. What I did get, though, was an end to the 75 gazillion ads for Not Bad and Asshole.
    However, the call from Bill Bradley was cool. Too bad it was a recording. 😡


  3. What’s up with these “I VOTED TOUCHSCREEN” stickers?
    Voting machine manufacturers trying to improve their image? Or wealthy districts flaunting how their democracy is PIMP?


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