Festival of Lights

Last night I was heading north over the toll road, and as I got up to the summit, where you can see the entire county, I saw the flash of an explosion in the distance. I was caught off guard for a moment and then realized I was probably seeing Disneyland fireworks. Sure enough, a few more flashes and some trails of sparkly fire were seen.

Just as I had settled back into the Normal World and turned my attention back ahead on the road, a huge bright meteor streaked across the sky right over my sunroof and disappeared somewhere in the far north.

3 thoughts on “Festival of Lights

  1. It’s the Taurids. There have been reports of big spectacular bolides from all around the world, in the last couple of days.
    Of course, we all know it’s really the CIA’s secret reverse-engineered UFOs flying around at night laying down flaming mind-control chemtrails.

  2. Nice
    Driving the the Go4 show at the mouse, I was at the light at the end of Disney drive, and I saw the telltale green light of a transformer explosion. I was concerned that it might kill the show. Then I remembered where I was, and what it probably (actually) was.
    But I’ve seen a couple good meteors in the last week or so, too. Big bright ones!

  3. I had to make a delivery to Pacific Palisades/Malibu last night, and the sliver of red moon & Venus over the ocean were particularly striking. I probably should have pulled over & sat on the beach for a bit, but hurried on home so I could sit and do absolutely squat. *sigh*

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