Shakedown cruise

Desert Road #5

Costa Mesa -> Riverside -> Indio -> Salton City -> Anza Borrego -> Julian -> Escondido -> Riverside -> Costa Mesa.

Temperatures up to 112 F, climb up a mountain at 90F, lots of twisty roads, 367 miles, 35 MPG.

Yeah, I think I’ll keep the Fiesta.

Festival of Lights

Last night I was heading north over the toll road, and as I got up to the summit, where you can see the entire county, I saw the flash of an explosion in the distance. I was caught off guard for a moment and then realized I was probably seeing Disneyland fireworks. Sure enough, a few more flashes and some trails of sparkly fire were seen.

Just as I had settled back into the Normal World and turned my attention back ahead on the road, a huge bright meteor streaked across the sky right over my sunroof and disappeared somewhere in the far north.