In the radio hobbies they warn you about this kind of thing.

Area Man Jams Cop Radios, Goes To Slammer.

Best quote:

Mitra testified the Nov. 11 episodes were accidental transmissions that occurred when two wires rubbed against themselves and the transmitter. He said the sex sounds were broadcast because he was listening to them on a loop in his bedroom, and when he heard them on a police scanner and realized what happened, he threw the transmitter away.

3 thoughts on “In the radio hobbies they warn you about this kind of thing.

  1. I used to have a friend(*) that would often call in “midget skullfucking Jesus” on the LAPD repeater uplink channel on his handheld (back when it was analog.) We usually tried to keep a good distance from him because he would follow that up with lighting things on fire or shooting lasers at people/things that should not have lasers pointed at them such as off-duty police officers and the windows of the nearby jail building.
    (*) “friend” is the easiest term to use in this context. “Crazy guy with lots of IQ, lots of ADD, and little wisdom who came to the monthly LA 2600 meetings who was always really funny and goofy until he started to pull crazy stunts, as mentioned above, and then people would keep away from him” is probably a bit more accurate.


  2. I hate it when my transitter that was tuned to their exact freq and PL accidentally goes off like that.
    Personally, I think the guy needs help if he’s listening to “sex sounds in a loop”


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