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Soft drink lodged in man

A 38-year-old Lincoln man showed up at BryanLGH Medical Center West on Monday, claiming he had been assaulted last week, police said Tuesday.

The man told hospital staff he was in the area of 28th and P streets Thursday when someone punched him in the head from behind and kicked him when he fell.

He said he temporarily lost consciousness and came to, only to find his pants down to his ankles.

An X-ray at the hospital Monday revealed a 20-ounce soft drink bottle lodged in the man’s lower intestine. He was to have it removed Tuesday.

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As Dan Savage would say, HOW’D THAT HAPPEN?

In the radio hobbies they warn you about this kind of thing.

Area Man Jams Cop Radios, Goes To Slammer.

Best quote:

Mitra testified the Nov. 11 episodes were accidental transmissions that occurred when two wires rubbed against themselves and the transmitter. He said the sex sounds were broadcast because he was listening to them on a loop in his bedroom, and when he heard them on a police scanner and realized what happened, he threw the transmitter away.