Dear LJ: I already changed my password once to make it much more obscure. Now I’m getting the warning that it’s too easy to guess, again. Obviously you’re monkeying around with the definition of “too easy”. You’re a big, grown-up company now, and it’s time to stop testing everything out in production. This is FUCKING ANNOYING.

5 thoughts on “tiresome

  1. Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!
    I have been getting that same popup for about a week. Apparently my password, being the concatenation of two dictionary words separated by a typographic symbol, is too easy to guess. Whatever.
    Meh… eventually, you (and everyone else) on LJ will just get used to the extra popup that occurs every time XJournal (or your favorite client) starts up. Hitting “Enter” to dismiss the popup will be second nature, just a mechanical-memory operation to be performed after clicking the icon in your dock. The overuse of the annoying popup will mean nothing and people will do nothing about their passwords. Someone will invent an LJ-Easy-Password-Popup-Blocker and that will get incorporated into all of the LJ clients. Nobody will think about the issue again. Eventually, LJ will put something that is actually important in the popup and then nobody will ever see it.

    1. Yeah, probably. What cheesed me off was changing it to something “more secure”, having no problem, and then the warnings starting again. Arrggh.

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