Important items for your consideration.

I often fall asleep with my jeans still on, and later I wake up and get properly undressed for bed. Night before last this happened again. I woke up later feeling very cold. Upon investigation I discovered I was not wearing my pants. Furthermore, I could not find my sheet. Why am I pantsless and uncovered?

I found my jeans at the foot of the bed. Groggy and annoyed, I picked them up. Hmm, they’re kind of stuffed-feeling, what’s.. WHAT? The sheet was wadded up and stuffed in one leg.

When my cat decides to get in my lap and love me, she kneads me in a kittenish way. When she does this she drools. Is this a kitten preparing to suckle reaction of some kind? Does anyone know? It’s sort of cute and gross at the same time.

The other day I passed a business that followed my Rule of Business Names, which is that all pet grooming places and low-end hair salons must have horrible cute names. It was called THE DOG SPAW. Now I know what they meant by this, the lame spa/paw joke, but doesn’t DOG SPAW sound like something you have to clean up because your dog ate the soap and some raw bacon?

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  1. oh, kitties
    My cat does that. She’ll jump up, cuddle for a while, and drool all over my lap. Then I’ll touch her the wrong way, and BAM HISS RAWR ATTACK CAT.
    Sometimes the attack timing is really great though, like when I’m watching a movie with someone and right when a character is sticking needles in a guy, she jumps up and sticks her claws in my friend.

  2. neoteny
    Cats really seem to relate to their owners as mother figures. Once they reach maturity, feral cats don’t exhibit any of the kittenish behavior that’s so familiar to us – kneading, purring, wool-suckling and imploring chirps and mews are the domain of tamed cats.

  3. My best friend/former roommate had a cat that drooled when you pet her, but she was kinda cross-eyed so I always assumed she was just weird. Mine doesn’t do that.
    She does occasionally walk around with the tip of her tongue stuck out, though, which looks hilarious.

    1. I have a dog that does that – sits there with her head cocked to one side and the tip of her tongue pertruding from between her…do dogs even HAVE lips? Anyway…it’s really cute, except that it usually means she’s about to do something terr-tastic.

  4. My dad adopted a very old (and quite ratty looking) cat a few years ago. The couple times I took her in the car, she would drool profusely. Shelby also did this as a puppy but, thankfully, has since gotten over it. The vet told me that the drooling is something animals sometimes do when they are excited.

  5. We have a Business that took the cute names just too far.
    First it was “Hair it is”
    Then they expanded and opened “Tan it is” next door.
    Recently the converted the 2nd floor to a Coffee Shop so that is now “A cup above”

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