15 thoughts on “Sweet Zombie Jesus

  1. Oh. My. God.
    Oh, no, sweetie, no. She’s gone *Catholic*. Back to her roots. Oh, dear.
    I see no Scientology in her future, but, wow, do I see the crazies.

  2. I heard of this story a while ago. What a nutbag.
    I am not looking forward to the awful melodramatic homoeroticism in the gospel of Anne.

  3. anne rice is a passable writer, combining sex and the occult in a very convincing, (usually) non-cheesy way. few writers ever are as convincing as her stories because their inner dork is all too apparent from the first page.
    i’m not surprised at all by her new book about jesu cristo. if you’ve read too many of her books like i have it’s a very predictable step she’s taking. you can “read between the lines” of all the vampire stuff and get a pretty sound notion that secretly she admires jesus and the power of organized religion.
    now, not so secretly, she’s finally publishing it. must feel good to have that release.

    1. I can see that. Certainly for her personally it makes sense in that “fallen Catholic coming back late in life” way.
      Otherwise in matters of taste there can be no disputing etc. I just never liked her writing.

    1. Every bursh with death I have further entrenches my atheism. At some point it may go into negative values and require the existence of an evil and unjust god.

    2. There’s a certain kind of Atheism Jr. you only see in immature people or those who have successfully denied their own mortality. Show them the grave and BAM you’ve got Baptists.

  4. Oh thank God, I was so scared to admit that I hated Anne Rice’s work, because I thought i’d get attacked by goth kids and wannabe smart people!

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