One paper nation

The New Times chain just ate the Village Voice, LA Weeekly, OC Weekly, and a few other papers. Seventeen cities, one company.

I used to work for the L.A. Reader, around the time that the Weekly was crushing us. That was the same time the Herald-Examiner died and the Times owned the city’s “big” newspaper market completely. Later the Reader was sold a couple times, and then the New Times people ate the Reader, the Weekly’s only competition, and then shut down their L.A. paper in collusion with the Weekly, leading to an antitrust action that ended in consent decree. Now they’ve come back and bought the whole thing up.

A moment of silence for the American alternative weekly, folks. The Clear Channel death star has arrived. ALL HAIL THE NEW FLESH!

4 thoughts on “One paper nation

  1. I immediately thought of the Simpson’s Episode where Mr. Burns buys all the Springfield Media and Lisa starts a homegrown alternative newspaper.
    How’s your Desktop Publishing skills?

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