Welcome to Innotech

I love my monster.com job updates, not because I am looking for a job right now, but because of things like this.

I’m glad they don’t just passively reject the transactional staffing industry paradigm. But couldn’t they do so proactively? It’s great that they can handle projects of varied size and scope, too. The companies with the fixed size and scope are awfully weird. And I knew about globalization, but when did the economy become project–based? I thought it was all about shit like steel, and wheat, and oil, and the value of the Euro.


The global home for technical talent, Kineticom partners with progressive companies in the talent-sensitive information and communications technology industries to build effective, flexible workforces.

Our active rejection of the transactional staffing industry paradigm allows us to excel as a consultative partner, delivering premium value to clients on people-critical projects of varying size and scope.

Within a culture of skill building, our contractors trust their Kineticom talent agents with the advancement of their careers, secure in the knowledge and proof that Kineticom develops self-reliant professionals who succeed in the global project-based economy.

Kineticom won a 2005 American Business Award (“Stevie”) for Best Agency, recognizing our leadership in redefining the staffing agency model amid the global shift to a flexible workforce. Our ISO 9000-2001 certification ensures the quality of our business processes and our commitment to client satisfaction. Founded in 2000 with offices in San Diego, Calif., Dallas, Texas and London, U.K., our client list includes: T-Mobile, Cingular, Sprint, and Intel.

It’s our spirit, our passion, and our willingness to take risks in pursuit of winning that make us the top technical talent firm. We have a knack for finding and developing talent – it’s what we love and what we do best. If you do too, we invite you to join us.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Innotech

  1. Long, and in surround-sound
    I’m sure hours were spent composing that thing. People worked hard on it. And I think those people should be fed into a wood chipper.


    1. Translation
      They’re a technology temp agency and they say you need them because your job is going overseas and no one will ever hire you for a real permanent job again.


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