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So, yeah, they found the body of the 17-year-old girl who got murdered in VA. And they have a person of interest whom she met on the Internets. And they both have LJs and myspaces, and he has a deviantart gallery with lots of creepy-ass pictures of young-looking girls, and her LJ name is “jailbait” backwards, and it’s really fucking depressing.

Whether or not homeboy is a murderer, he’s certainly a disagreeable person. Also a shitty photographer.

In any case she’s dead, he’s in jail, and they’re both clichés. Except of course that she’s entitled to be a cliché at 17 and he has no excuse at 38.

His deviantart gallery (mostly just thumbnails), her myspace, her livejournal at tiabliaj, and his livejournal at skulz67 are still up for now, for morbid curiosity purposes.

From news stories:

“Detectives seized more than 70 other items from Fawley’s home, including a box of bones, a machete and part of a box spring bearing a reddish-brown stain, according to a search warrant.”

“On the morning after Taylor’s disappearance, Fawley, a self-described “prolific Goth web master” who “collects” auto license plates, told police he had just been beaten, robbed and kidnapped by unknown assailants. He said they put a bag over his head, stuffed him into an unknown car, and drove him to an unknown location, where he was left on an unknown dirt road. He was “saved” when an unknown good Samaritan, in his case a Hispanic male, found him along the road and drove him back to Richmond.”

Thanks to hepkitten I am only four degrees from the victim, but oddly I show no connection with the LJ Sixdegrees tool to the accused murderer.

More detailed, probably too detailed blogulations about this are here and here, the latter going on way too much with psychological diagnoses. Also here.

Boy those guys all write too much.

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  1. I’ve been really obsessed with this case since posted about it last week. I read all the Livejournals (h’e’s got several accounts; darkevilgoth, darkodeath, line_nowhere) but the most disturbing one I read was that of his former girlfriend”, It’s not the dead girl, it’s not the girl that the property where the dead girl was found belonged to ( he writes about Erin Crabill, the property owner here: but another girl who was really obsessed with him. She writes to him every damn day in her LJ, begging him for his love. Totally creepsville.
    An interesting fact about the “Abduction” he claims to have suffered; He wrote an LJ entry describing that EXACT scenario ONE YEAR to the DAY before he reported the same incident as happening the day Taylor disappeared.
    The girl (Erin Crabill) whose family owned the farm had a restraining order against him and a lot of people seem to think she “set him up”. Ha. She can be seen NUDE here:
    Ya, I need a job and stuff.

    1. I’d seen Taylor Behl’s myspace and I knew that the had to be investigating it and any other accounts she had, and it made me wonder if HE was online… she has some nice, semi-professional shots of herself in her pics. When I heard the suspect was a photographer I was all junior detective like, “MAYBE IT’S HIM”
      and holy fuck did you see his deviantart pieces with skulls superimposed onto chicks’ faces?

    1. yeah, seriously
      I guess to the people who actually knew her it’s the equivalent of the teenaged thing where they put the little death shrine where the car rolled with flowers etc.
      For the others it’s clearly some kind of narcissistic Internet griefwankery. Surprise!

  2. somewhat related
    I have both a myspace account and an LJ (lol, no really?!)… I’ve always thought that myspace was so much sketchier than LJ. I know they both have the potential to be totally creepville, but myspace just seems like an excuse for creepy men to prey on high school girls. With LJ at least you get to read people’s entries to get to know them, or what they are portraying anyway. And while it’s easy to make up a fake identity on LJ, it’s a lot harder to keep it up than it is to send a one sentence picture comment or whatever to a little girl on myspace.
    Some of my [not-internet inclined] friends make fun of me for keeping a LJ, but I’ve always defended it… comparing it to a modern day comparison to the pen pals we had in elementary school. Then something like this happens and it makes me sick. I don’t really know where I’m going with this, other than that people need to stop being so trusting of people they barely know.

    1. Re: somewhat related
      I’ve always thought that myspace was so much sketchier than LJ.
      Oh definitely. Myspace is about pictures, and LJ is about words. In particular Myspace is for teenagers and very young adults, and it functions essentially as a free dating service. I have no objection to the eye candy, but it’s got to be a great place to be a predator. Just pick the most vulnerable young people — exhibitionists, lost kids, abuse victims — and off you go.
      I actually do communicate with some people via Myspace and I like some of the music promotion uses of it. But it’s mostly about sexual tension.

  3. one note
    They didn’t actually meet online – according to the news stories, they met when she visited the campus before going to school there. Which doesn’t make it any less creepy, depressing, or whatever, and I don’t know why I’m being so pedantic and making this point. Except maybe to say that you can meet weird, creepy, bad motherfuckers anywhere and shitty things happen with or without Myspace, LJ, or whatever. It’s just those things give the rest of us a chance to peek in on those nutters without having to wait for the book.

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